Christmas Shopping for computers

Article by Richard Churchill – First Published November 2009

With Christmas next month, it seems like a good time ask, “What is a good buy?”. The list of “technology” presents is so long it fills the catalogues of many good electrical retailers. So I’m going to focus on two popular presents. Here I’ll focus on laptops and, in a special bonus article on our website, digital cameras. I have chosen these because they both are both heavily laden with acronyms which seem to be purely designed to confuse.

One of the questions I get asked most often by customers is what they should look for when buying a laptop or a desktop pc. The first consideration is the type of computer: ‘Desktops’ tend to give you more power per pound; ‘Laptops’ allow you to work anywhere; mini-laptops and netbooks are great for checking your email and surfing the web and will fit in almost any bag. The drawbacks to mini-laptops and netbooks are as the computers get smaller and more portable they either get much more expensive, or they become less powerful and versatile.

The next consideration is what goes inside your computer, you need to think about which processor you need, the amount very fast working memory (ram), and the amount of storage (Hard disk) space you need. So, the processor – the bit that does the thinking. You will find people talk a lot about processor speed (often measured in “ mega-hertz”,MHz), but I have found that even the slowest (around 1.5 mega-hertz) on the market will serve most family pc’s well. Find out more about processors on the website.

Next is, “How much fast working memory (ram)?” The simple answer is normally as much as you can afford, but as a minimum I recommend 2048MB (2GB) for the computer to run well. Finally, storage (Hard Disk Space). This is here all of your information is stored when the computer is turned off. The average storage for a new pc is 160GB (over 2700 hours of audio): this is should be enough for most home computers.

Please read and enjoy the articles, I will be adding an article a month so remember to check back each month for the new edition.

Going further

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