Choosing a Computer

By Richard Churchill – First Published July 2012

The average PC will stay with you for at least 4 years, so choosing well is key to avoiding stress in years to come. The choices involved in buying a computer are intimidating. Here I briefly cover the major choices, I have put a longer guide “Buying a Computer”

First choice, what type of computer do you want? There are 3 main designs,
Tablets these look like large mobile phones, good for browsing online (I’ll cover these next month).

Laptops have flip up tops, giving you a screen and keyboard, varying from ultra-light to big and heavy, the larger models are faster but time between charges decreases (the biggest run from mains chargers most of the time).

Desktop/All-in-One, here the computer parts are either in a separate box, or built in to the back of the monitor. These are what most people think of as a computer. Other than shape there is no difference between Laptops and Desktops

The next question is “PC or Mac”? Mac is exclusive to Apple Inc and runs Apple’s own Mac OS software, considered to be more reliable and secure. Macs are more expensive, with fewer software titles available for them. A PC is any other computer than runs Microsoft Windows. PCs are cheaper, made by many companies, run more software but are more vulnerable to attack.

The hard disk is where you store all your stuff, (it’s the figure measured in hundreds of “gb” in a computers details). Simply the bigger it is, the more videos, music etc. you can store.

Finally the processor and ram, the brains and working memory of the computer. Processors have become so powerful now that for the average home user, even the slowest current processor will still be fast enough. Ram is now the most important element, without enough of it the computer will run slowly. 2GB is the minimum 3Gb or 4Gb are better if you can get it, more is unnecessary at the moment.

Going further

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