Getting that eChristmas spirit

By Richard Churchill – First Published December 2010

It’s December that means pretty much whatever religion you follow, or even if you don’t follow a religion, there’s a festival to celebrate. This generally involves cards, presents and good wishes. This is now the age of the computer so what is the ‘tech savie’ way to spread goodwill? This month I will point you in a few directions that will give you an easier or more interesting time.

Shopping on the web, unless you have been living under a rock you will have at least heard others talking about online shopping. If you know what you are looking for hours of leg legwork can be reduced to 10 minutes clicking. You have online specialists like who seem to sell everything you could possibly need. Equally your favourite shop almost certainly sells on the web, so why not pop their name into an internet search engine.

eCards are a fun alternative to real cards. The idea is simple, you can create a colourful, possibly animated card which can be viewed on the computer. A quick search for eCards will get you hundreds of options, one that is regularly recommended to me is primarily for its range of ideas and ease of use.
One note, when you have finished your card you will be able to send the recipient an email notification, bogus notifications are often used by virus writers, so I suggest the following, 1. Let the recipient know the card is coming by another means, e.g. personal email. 2. If you can include a personal message to be sent with the notification, that way it’s clearly from you.

Custom Cards, eCards are great but you can’t put them up on the mantelpiece, so another fun option is the custom card. have lead the way here. There are other sites available now, once again the idea is simple, you design your card on the web, when you are happy the card will be printed and sent either to you or the recipient.

My team and I wish send you our Best Wishes for a Joyful Holiday season, and a Happy and Successful 2011.

Going further

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