Getting the message across

By Richard Churchill – First Published October 2010

Email has been around for decades, but in recently years the number of ways of communicating have been multiplying. You can now send instant messages,hold debates on forums, phone friends over the internet, hold video conferences, find out what old friends are doing with social networking. There is a lot of noise out there but how much of it is actually useful?

Well, the obvious answer is it depends on what you want to do. As any one with family around the world will tell you, email is a blessing now with services like Skye & Windows live, it is possible to hold a phone conversation and see moving video of people thousands of miles away, virtually for free.

With the instant messages & real time chat you can have a typed conversations with friends while you are looking at the news, or checking the price of a holiday (or even while working if you can get away with it). Because there is no noise teenagers love instant messaging because they can talk to several friends while listening to music (or when they’re meant to be doing something else).

The newest innovation is Social Networking, which is a horrible marketing name for something we have all be doing for hundreds of years. What used to be done with letters, birthday and Christmas cards, can now be done on sites like with the click of a button. While this can be very useful, it can also lead to very lazy and impersonal ‘friendships’.

It can only be a good thing there are so may ways to keep in touch; families can keep in touch and friendships can endure over thousands of miles. However, with so may ways of communicating, many people mistake producing a large volume of messages, for communication. There are may editorials that bemoan the way technology is killing the arts of conversation and letter writing. I think it is possible for technology to improve communication but it will take some time. We are still learning how to best use the new technology.

So its over to you.Try all the technologies available to you and start learning how you can make the best use of them.

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