Letting your pictures out

By Richard Churchill – First Published February 2011

The modern use of digital photography has led to a change in the way we relate to photographs. While it is possible to get high quality prints off our digital photos, either from our own printers or from numerous high street shops that are replacing their film developing equipment with digital photo printers, most of the time our pictures just remain trapped on our computers looked at whenever we remember they are there.

While this isn’t so different from the way we treated our snaps in the film days, locked in albums that are only got out for birthdays or Christmas, digital photos give us many more options.

The digital photo has lead to the digital photo frame, so now as well as the special pictures that you have chosen to frame and put on your walls, you can now have selected digital photos on display, changing every few seconds or minutes.

Digital printing now makes it easy to have pictures printed on to fabric, glass, or pretty much anything else. So how about curtains printed with your favourite view, or a “stained glass” panel of the garden in full bloom in your window on a cold winters day.

Digital photos copy perfectly every time so why keep them to yourself. Three years ago I used to suggest sending pictures of events to friends and relatives on CD, now I suggest putting them online, with services like picasa web and Flikr you can post pictures and albums onto the internet. These can be open to the general public or passworded so only friends can see them.

Have you ever fancied being a publisher? How about making a book out of your pictures as a special present for a friend? Well I hadn’t until I saw the picture book services provided by Jessops, Flikr and I’m sure many others. These aren’t just printed sheets folded with a staple, these are proper hard back books, with glossy pages filled with your pictures. The software is straight forward to use and the results are breathtaking.

There are so may ways to use your pictures to amazing effect, I urge you to get on your computer and see what you can do.

Going further

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