Watching the TV from your PC

By Richard Churchill – First Published April 2010

There are few things more irritating than missing your favourite program, especially if it part of a series. Currently if the program is one of the 5 analogue TV channels you can set your old video recorder but by the summer this will stop working unless you have a freeview box. Virgin media or Sky will supply you with a hard drive recorder which automatically records programs for you, you can buy units that will do this for freeview as well.

If you have BT Broadband you have another option, BT vision. This pay- for service provides you with a box that links to your BT broadband line and lets you choose from a wide variety of movies & tv box sets, as well as giving you access to freeview and with all the tv recording features I have just mentioned

All these options still leave you trapped in the lounge. You can watch a programme on your pc even if you forgot to record it, using a technology called “On Demand Video”. All the major channels provide on demand services, they are iPlayer (BBC), itvPlayer (ITV), 4oD (Channel 4), demand Five (Channel Five), Sky player (sky). Each works in a slightly different way, and has its own issues. Demand Five doesn’t seem to supply subtitles, but iPlayer does, the 4oD can be very demanding on older computers, and Sky you have to pay for. Try each service and see how you get on, I’ll include links in the online version of this article.

So far this doesn’t sound like the dynamic, user built internet, however if you’re brave you can have some fun and explore. There are many sites like You Tube on the internet, where anyone can put their videos for the world to see, these can be anything from aspiring film producers to established rock bands, to videos of drunken stag nights. For those who are brave there is a whole world of weird, wonderful and sometimes fabulous videos out there for you to see, you just need to look.

Go on explore, have fun and see how you can view what you want, when you want.

Going further

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