How to avoid scams

By Richard Churchill – First Published September 2012

I wrote a article a year ago covering the some of the scams you face on the internet. In the last year the situation has only got worse. This month I will look again at the scam I mentioned a year ago, next month I will look at the scams that can get on your computer without you even knowing it. I hope that having read this months and next months articles you will manage to avoid these scams or have the confidence to put the phone down (more on that later).

Email Scams
Probably the most common type of scam on the internet, I get a few of these every day. The main types are:
Password Notifications – These emails appear to be sent by anything from Facebook to your bank. They tell you there is a problem with your account and you need to click on a link to fix it. Of course the link goes to a fake website.
“We couldn’t deliver your parcel”/ “Why did you post this picture?” – Bogus emails from shipping company or a ‘friend’ or government agency with “documents” attached, these actually contain a virus.

Just press delete to get ride of all these.

Phone Scams
“We have detected your computer ..” This cold calling scam is still going strong, you receive a call from the “Microsoft Security Department”, “Windows Security Department” and inform you that they have found a virus on your computer but if you go to this website they can fix if for you (for a fee). Simply, no one will actively call you about a virus on your computer unless you have a support contract (not even your anti-virus company). If you receive a call like this just hang up, if you are worried call your usual computer engineer or call me (number bellow) and get some honest professional advice.

As with all things on the internet, the best advice is to think before you click, and if you are worried get expert advice. Next month I’m going to cover fake anti-virus software and how to spot a fake website.

Going further

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