Keeping your files safe from disaster

By Richard Churchill – First Published July 2010

Backup, its an awkward subject, something we should all do but with no right answer for everyone. How do you keep your treasured holiday pictures safe without it costing more that the holiday did?

There are a number of strategies that can be used singly or in combination to keep your valuable files safe. I’ll go over each here so you can work out what is the best solution for you.

The first is the simplest, but most time consuming; keep lots of copies of your files in different places. Normally any pictures you take, are of interest to at least one other person who lives elsewhere. Be they parents, grand parents, other relatives or friends. So you can help your popularity and “backup” your files by giving CDs with the pictures of your last holiday, Christmas, & birthdays etc. to the friends that went with you, or family members who were there.

The second is the most popular, purchase an external hard disk, and once a week copy all your files onto the disk. You can also get software for your computer that will copy your files for you when the external hard disk is connected. Some of these pieces of software can even do ‘proper’ backups where copies of changed files are kept for a period of time, so if you make a mistake you can get an older copy of your file back.

The third method is the most expensive but also the most reliable; make use of one of the many online backup services. These services vary in cost and features but they all supply the same basic functionality. You install a piece of software on your computer, once an hour/day/week this will check for changed files, and encrypt and upload the changed files to a secure storage location on the internet.

As I said before, backup is difficult to get right, how far you go has to be a matter of personal choice. The one thing you must remember, computers fail, not making a copy of your files means that it is almost certain that one day you will loose them.

Going further

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