Can you hear me?

By Richard Churchill – First Published August/September 2010

If you think about international calls, I’ll bet you think of long numbers and high bills. If you have relatives that live abroad, it is a real pain, especially if you also have to think about time differences.

While it has been possible to talk to someone over the internet for at least 10 years, until recently it wasn’t easy. Slow connections meant call quality was poor, even getting a connection seemed to require a degree in computing, certainly not for the general user. What we want is a service that is easy to use, tells us when our friends and relatives are available, it would even be nice if we could see the person we are talking to. Continue reading “Can you hear me?”

Christmas Shopping for computers

Article by Richard Churchill – First Published November 2009

With Christmas next month, it seems like a good time ask, “What is a good buy?”. The list of “technology” presents is so long it fills the catalogues of many good electrical retailers. So I’m going to focus on two popular presents. Here I’ll focus on laptops and, in a special bonus article on our website, digital cameras. I have chosen these because they both are both heavily laden with acronyms which seem to be purely designed to confuse. Continue reading “Christmas Shopping for computers”

Keeping your computer secure – part 2

Article by Richard Churchill – First Published October 2009

Last month I discussed what nasties are trying to get your computer, this time I’m covering what you can do to protect yourself.(the previous article is available via the website at the bottom of the page)

So what makes a good security program for your computer? It needs to have a firewall; protection against mal-ware (viruses and spyware), and a good reputation for reliability. Unfortunately the old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t fully apply in this case. Continue reading “Keeping your computer secure – part 2”

Keeping your computer secure – part 1

Article by Richard Churchill – First Published September 2009

If there is one topic that worries most computer users it is viruses (and other nasties) that get on to your computer, uninvited and reek havoc. But what can you do to protect yourself? You need security, some friendly programs that keep an eye on your computer and keep the malicious programs out. Continue reading “Keeping your computer secure – part 1”