Finding a company

By Richard Churchill – First Published March 2011

I have noticed that fewer and fewer people are using the big printed directories. The Internet is slowly taking over as the primary way to find the trades people. Using the internet gives you a very wide choice, you can check reputation of the company you have chosen and often find out in great detail what they do before you pick up the phone, or email them.
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Letting your pictures out

By Richard Churchill – First Published February 2011

The modern use of digital photography has led to a change in the way we relate to photographs. While it is possible to get high quality prints off our digital photos, either from our own printers or from numerous high street shops that are replacing their film developing equipment with digital photo printers, most of the time our pictures just remain trapped on our computers looked at whenever we remember they are there. Continue reading “Letting your pictures out”

Its a Social World

By Richard Churchill – First Published January 2011

The technical innovation of the last 10 years has been the group of technologies known as “social media”. At the turn of the century the idea of keeping up with what your friends are doing week by week via the internet was barely considered, now it is is possible (if you want) to keep up with your friends activities on a minute by minute basis. Continue reading “Its a Social World”

Getting that eChristmas spirit

By Richard Churchill – First Published December 2010

It’s December that means pretty much whatever religion you follow, or even if you don’t follow a religion, there’s a festival to celebrate. This generally involves cards, presents and good wishes. This is now the age of the computer so what is the ‘tech savie’ way to spread goodwill? This month I will point you in a few directions that will give you an easier or more interesting time. Continue reading “Getting that eChristmas spirit”

Getting the message across

By Richard Churchill – First Published October 2010

Email has been around for decades, but in recently years the number of ways of communicating have been multiplying. You can now send instant messages,hold debates on forums, phone friends over the internet, hold video conferences, find out what old friends are doing with social networking. There is a lot of noise out there but how much of it is actually useful? Continue reading “Getting the message across”

Keeping your files safe from disaster

By Richard Churchill – First Published July 2010

Backup, its an awkward subject, something we should all do but with no right answer for everyone. How do you keep your treasured holiday pictures safe without it costing more that the holiday did?

There are a number of strategies that can be used singly or in combination to keep your valuable files safe. I’ll go over each here so you can work out what is the best solution for you. Continue reading “Keeping your files safe from disaster”

Email Demystified

By Richard Churchill – First Published May 2010

Email pre-dates the internet. It developed to ‘aid’ communications in companies during the 70’s and 80’s. This business origin is still evident in the strange and opaque terms used in email.  Despite, possibly because of its age, no one ever really explains how email works. So here I’ll go over the basics that should be explained but often aren’t. Continue reading “Email Demystified”

Watching the TV from your PC

By Richard Churchill – First Published April 2010

There are few things more irritating than missing your favourite program, especially if it part of a series. Currently if the program is one of the 5 analogue TV channels you can set your old video recorder but by the summer this will stop working unless you have a freeview box. Virgin media or Sky will supply you with a hard drive recorder which automatically records programs for you, you can buy units that will do this for freeview as well. Continue reading “Watching the TV from your PC”