Email Demystified

By Richard Churchill – First Published May 2010

Email pre-dates the internet. It developed to ‘aid’ communications in companies during the 70’s and 80’s. This business origin is still evident in the strange and opaque terms used in email.  Despite, possibly because of its age, no one ever really explains how email works. So here I’ll go over the basics that should be explained but often aren’t. Continue reading “Email Demystified”

Watching the TV from your PC

By Richard Churchill – First Published April 2010

There are few things more irritating than missing your favourite program, especially if it part of a series. Currently if the program is one of the 5 analogue TV channels you can set your old video recorder but by the summer this will stop working unless you have a freeview box. Virgin media or Sky will supply you with a hard drive recorder which automatically records programs for you, you can buy units that will do this for freeview as well. Continue reading “Watching the TV from your PC”