Dood, Too much sharing

I watched (and shared) a video a few days ago on on “the internet of things”, the idea that the internet is moving from  a collection of documents on servers, to a network of things (computers, mobile phones, room thermostats, even curtain openers) that all talk to each other and share information.  You want to pay for your parking, no problem, just pull out your mobile (it knows where you are) and it will allow you to pay  for your parking to electronically.  Handy if you  need to top up the meter without having to return to your car.

This fashion for sharing has me wondering, do we think enough about what we share?

We get worried when large corporations tell us they are collecting information about our shopping habits. On the other hand we happily share with our Facebook/twitter/… “friends” that we are off on holiday for two weeks (so the house is empty then), who our mother is, what our date of birth is, home town, favourite place to holiday when we were children,  pets in chronological order;  you know, the answer to virtually any security question, our banks, credit card companies and online payment sites have on us.  I have a few aquaintances on social media sites that share so much information, that in a few hours, I could put together a file on them, so detailed it would have taken the CIA many men days 40 years ago.  So my question is, are we sharing too much? Are we worrying about the wrong things when we do think about what we are sharing?  Share you answers here or on Facebook or Google+