Smart Connected Homes – Lighting

The second part of our blog series about the smart connected home is going to focus on the options available for smart lighting including accessories and fittings.

Most things that you can purchase for the home now comes with options for being smart and controlled via your smartphone, smart watch, home speakers plus a host of other options. Lighting is no different and while it cannot help you at the pub quiz it does mean you can control much more than the simple on and off. With light bulbs and fittings available in white, coloured and dimmable options available. Most of the smart lighting options are LED which can provide savings over the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Smart lighting can provide the user with the option to set the mood, sync the lighting with a movie or a video game or select a specific colour to maybe help teach younger children the different colours. You can set schedules to coincide with daily routines or control the lights when you are on holiday. Recent updates have seen options including wake up calls with your alarm, the lighting in your bedroom would gently increase to mimic a sunrise which is supposed to help you wake up more naturally.

You can control the lights using manufacturers accessories, your smartphones and tablets and even using a home speaker for example Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod or Google Home. You can use voice commands through the speakers to set the lighting to a specific percentage, choose a colour or even change the mood in the whole house.

Alongside actual light bulbs which are available in all the common formats including the standard household fittings many have B22 Bayonet and E27 Edison Screw and also E14 Edison Screw which is often found in lamps and GU10 fittings like in downlighters etc.

Philips Hue have been leading the market place for a while offering their control hub with all different light bulbs, led strip, lamps and accessories including dimmer switches and motion sensors, more recently they have started offering light fixtures from pendants and suspended ceiling fittings to spot lights and bathroom specific offerings. Hive focus more on offering solutions to control the existing lighting in your home. LIFX are a good range of lighting solutions from bulbs to light panels. We believe that Philips Hue offer the best and widest range of options in the current market and according to our own Matthew Scrivin who has installed these into his own home they are brilliant.

Look out for the next Smart Connected Home blog post in January which will be focusing on the development of Smart Speakers from Amazon Alexa to Apple HomePod and let Your PC Guru help you decide what is best for you.


Team YPG