My computer is acting strange. HELP!

-Repair and Cleanup

Getting your computer fixed is never a fun task, so how does a repair engineer that will come to your house, when it suits you sound? What if they can repair most common computer problems then and there? If your computer can’t be fixed at home they would take it away, repair it and return it all as part of the service? All this this and all you have to do is make one phone call? That’s the kind of service you would expect from Your Pc Guru.

For an everyday device, the home computer has a surprising amount in common with exotic plant or animal, they catch a cold easily, and will keel over and die on you if not looked after correctly. But everyone gives you a different answer when you ask how you should look after them.

Fortunately help is at hand, our experienced engineers can visit you, at home, tend to your computer, repair its bugs, expertly trim the dead wood that is causing it fall over. We can show you how to look after to your computer, all without the jargon. After all when some one comes to repair your computer you shouldn’t need a dictionary on stand by work out what they are saying.

We have developed our reputation through the quality our our service and repair work, combined with giving honest, clear, jargon free advice.  With Your PC Guru you can expect us to constantly try and beat our own high standards.  Our tongue in cheek motto “Computing for mere mortals” is a reflection that most people see a computer as alien creation, sent as much to perplex and confuse, as to help and inspire.

So if you need some one to repair your computer turn to Your PC Guru