I can have all my computers online at once?

– Home Networking

Your shiny new laptop can loose its luster when , after all the excitement of unpacking it, getting it setup and working, you think how am I going to get on the internet? My other computer is already using the internet connection.

So, can you share your internet connection between your computers? Yes and its pretty easy to do. All you need is the right piece of hardware to connect your computers to the internet, a router, a clever piece of kit that can link many computers to the one broadband connection.

Setting up a shared internet connection is easy if you are confident with computers, and can follow the manufactures instructions. If, however, you just want your internet connection set up, and don’t want to worry about the details, one of our engineers will be happy to set everything up for you, and show you how to get onto the internet once everything is ready, then answer any questions you may have. If you would like to know more please read on, or call us on 01454 616365 to make a booking.

So how do you get a router? Well if you are lucky your Internet service provider may already have given you a router, if you are with BT or Orange you probably have one. If not, good routers start from about £50 and can be purchased from any good electrical shop or direct from us.

How do you tell if you have a router? The simplest way is to look at the box that connects your computer to the phone line, does it also have a cable running to a mains electricity socket, if so its probably a router, if not it definitely won’t be.

You have a router, you have a number of computers, how do you link them? If the computer is in the same room as the router it’s easy, you run a cable between them. If you have a laptop or a computer in a different room, much better options are wireless and home plug technologies. Wireless technology uses radio waves to carry the information between the router and your computer. Wireless works well in large open spaces and modern homes where the walls are relatively thin, however wireless signals are badly affected by the thick walls in old houses. In this situation home plug is the best way to go. Home plug uses the mains power cables in your house to carry the data. Because copper wire carries signals much more reliably than radio waves, they can carry data much farther than wireless networks, meaning an office at the opposite end of the house to the family computer or in a garage can be quickly and easily linked. You can even link wireless access points to home plug equipment, allowing you to have you wireless laptops, iPods etc working well beyond the range of your wireless router.