I have a new computer, Make it work

– Installation

So you have been out to the shops and bought a computer, now you’re home and you have a pile of boxes, where do you start?

Setting up a computer can be a challenging task, once your have removed all the packaging, found the step by step guide and followed the on screen instructions. Your still have to work out pictograms that came with printer, follow the instructions from your Internet service provider and work out how to move your files, emails and address books from your old computer to the new one

Sound scary? Well actually its not that bad, installing a pc or laptop up is reasonably strait forward, where we find our customers come unstuck is all the fiddly bits, getting an old printer to work, and transfering all your precious information. So if you’re not confident you can set your computer up, or would like a computer guru to take the stress away.  Call on one of our experienced engineers, who will get your computer installed as you want it, connect you to the internet and email, attach your printer, scanner, camera, portal music player, even tidy the cables, walk your dog .. ok the dog might be out of luck there. They will show you how everything works, in simple human terms. If you want we can come back after you’ve had chance to get to know your new computer, answer your questions, and go over things you didn’t even realise existed when you got the computer.