I’m scared, I don’t want to catch a virus!

No one wants repair their computer after a virus – Get your security right first time.

The internet can seem like a dangerous place.The nagging worry, that when you are browsing websites, watching a video or downloading the latest album, are you safe? Is a virus going to get on to my computer, destroy all my work and steal my personal details? Am I going to be left with a huge repair bill?
The Internet can seem be a scary place, with viruses, and other nasties seemingly poised to get you at any moment. We believe the internet is a wonderful resource and should be used to its full potential instead of make you want to pull the phone cable out of the wall and go back to playing mine sweeper.

This is a dilemma that we are very familiar with. Our engineers are very experienced in both preventing attacks and repairing any damage afterwards. However, we always prefer to be helping you secure your computer in the first place, than being called in to repair the damage later on.

Avoid a nasty repair bill

While you have to take precautions, the internet can be safely enjoyed. There are 4 simple steps you need to take to keep safe, or at least make it easier to repair things later.

1. Make sure your anti-virus package also includes identity protection.

2. Make sure you have a firewall controlling the information heading in and out of your computer. This will prevent unwanted a virus sneaking in the back door, or leaving through the front door with your information.

3. Keep up to date, Microsoft releases weekly updates for their Windows software that will repair problems and plug the latest holes that can let a virus wriggle in.

4. If you aren’t sure your anti-virus program is working, call in an expert.

Virus checks don’t take long

It takes about an hour for one of our engineers to get an anti-virus program setup, check that your computer is updating itself, and generally make sure all is well.  If there is something wrong and repair is needed, it normally takes about 2 hours to sort out.

As they say, prevention is better that cure, and no body wants a repair bill! If you are at all unsure about computer security it is far better to call in one of our engineers and have peace of mind knowing that you are safe.