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– Advice service

Why only call one of our experts when you have a problem? We believe firmly that computers should be enjoyable for all, and that we should go the extra distance so that our customers can enjoy their computers without the worry.

We can help at every step in the life of your computer, from which computer to buy, to how to connect it to the Internet, the best printer for your needs, to when and how to upgrade your computer. We always recommend what is, in our opinion, the best value route for your to take, not necessarily the absolute cheapest. However, in the long term our aim is to save our customers money, and for them to have the most enjoyable experience possible by choosing quality products that will serve you well time and again.

For example currently there are numerous companies producing top quality anti-virus products that are not well known to the public, AVG, Kispersky and Panda to name just three. These companies are producing software that is often of a better quality than the market leaders, and it is more competitively priced, but they are often ignored by those not in the know.