Better Broadband

Fast reliable broadband is something that most of us would like, when you’re unlucky enough not to be able to get it, modern life can be a drag.

Your PC Guru, in partnership with Wifire, have the skills needed to get you the best possible broadband connection. We don’t supply broadband, instead we draw on the experience of our own team and the temporary broadband experts at Wifire to find you the best way to connect.

We have a rich history of  tracing and locating faults that the phone & internet companies have denied existed or have wanted to charge you to investigate.

Our partnership with Wifire means we have access to their wide experience of off grid and unconventional broadband solutions. They have worked with satellite, 3G/4G and wireless broadband. Knowing in detail the positives and negatives of each coupled with our experience allows us to advice you on the best solution for you.

  • Locate potential wiring faults at lower cost than BT Engineers
  • Extensive experience with alternative methods of internet connection