Broadband Support

Finding a solution for broadband problems can be hard, your service providers are often not interested. Even when you can get them to admit there is a problem, they will normally try and shift the blame on to something you’re doing. You have a bad phone, a bad extension cable, your laptop is too far from the router, or maybe its too close and of course then asking you everyones favourite line of have you tried turning it off and back on again!!

The Your PC Guru team have been tracing broadband faults for years, as experts not just in phone cabling but also wireless and routers, we can look at your whole broadband setup. We can pick-up when you have multiple problems and get each of them fixed giving you the best possible broadband.

Cut the nonsense
Your internet can be broken, without being officially broken, no matter how many calls you make, and how many answers you get (all different), the problem is always some how with you. We do not have time for that kind of nonsense, our experienced team can work out where the problem is, fix your computer, wi-fi or router. Talk to your connection provider on your behalf if needed and convince them they need to take action.

Better routers,Better wireless
If your computer struggles to get online because you suffer from poor wireless or have a router that has become outdated, we can fix or replace what you have to get you the best connection possible in your home.

Broken Broadband
If the problem is outside your home, convincing your supplier that it is there problem can be a real tussle, they want to elimiate every other possible cause before they will take action. We are used to there questions and ways they riggle out, normally in one phone call we can get your supplier to start the process of fixing you connections without the stress and twenty question that you may face.