Connected Home

The internet has spread to the whole home; do you want to:

18 years is all it has taken to go from “the internet is a fad”, to most homes having (or at least wanting) internet access in every room.  Riding on this are the new connected devices, TVs, Lighting, Stereos, Heating and even Curtains (to name just a few) that can connect to your Wi-Fi, making you life easier and more entertaining.

Well life should be easier, but sometimes getting your Wi-Fi to go everywhere, and to all your devices can be far from easy.  Your PC Guru have been helping with connecting homes since 2004, we know all the tricks and we know the traps!

While we try to avoid talking like geeks, we are. We have our own smart TVs, and lights we can control from our phones and by using smart speakers.  We can help you get the most from the connected world, making life just that bit easier and more fun.

  • Use your wi-fi anywhere in your home
  • Turn on the heating before you get home
  • Control your lights using a smart speaker

Our team can connect all parts of your home, from the sleek and modern to the beautifully historic.