TV’s and Gadgets

There are so many cool and useful devices coming out. Smart TVs with built in catch-up, lights you can control from your phone, and heating that automatically adjusts to you.

Whether you want to save money by cutting your lighting and heating, catch-up on your favourite shows or have the full cinema experience with a few taps on your phone, having the wireless and broadband in your home up to scratch is critical.

Your PC Guru can give you Wi-Fi throughout your house, get the best possible broadband, and help you connect your smart devices. Once connected our team can help you through how to use them, with tips and tricks on how to get the best from them.

Want your lights to turn on automatically when you pull up? No problem!

Want your heating to automatically stay on during your day off? No Worries!

Not sure how to get the latest box sets on your TV? Just give us an hour!