Computing for “Mere” Mortals

Modern technolgy isn’t just for the elite, the savvy, or the young. Your PC Guru has been helping everyone get the best from their home technology for over 15 years.

From the very beginning we have tried to be better at explaining what is going on, keeping the technical jargon to a minimum, and focusing on achieving the results you want.

Even the simplest fix can make a huge difference to you and your computer, if you don’t know the answer the question isn’t stupid. We want to help our customers, not patronise them.


Home Repairs

Our computers become more to us than just an electronic box, they contain our digital world, and we customise them just the way we want.
Life can be stressful enough so the technology you use to enhance it shouldn’t be. Your PC Guru has been helping with home computers, laptops, tablets and broadband for over 15 years.
Our customer service and level of care are just a couple of reasons our customers keep coming back to us time and again.

Connected Home

The internet is spreading to the whole home, would you like to…

  • Use you Wi-Fi anywhere in your home?
  • Control your heating with a smart thermostat?
  • Create mood lighting controlled from your phone?
  • Take advantage of all the new smart appliances?

Our team can help connect all parts of your home, sleek and modern or beautifully historic no problem.

Better Broadband

We want to enable everyone to have the best broadband and to get the most out of it, we know the best ways to connect to the internet whether you live in a city centre or on a quite country road.

  • We can find wiring faults in your home for less than the cost of a BT engineer.
  • Can’t get fast broadband over you phone line? We have extensive experience with Satellite and 4G internet connections.

Guru Club

There are so many things that we are supposed to do to keep our devices healthy and up to date. But we all lead busy lives, and there are normally a lot of better things to do than clean your computer, check your anti virus or backup your precious pictures.

So why not let us do it for you?

The Guru Club is the best way to keep everything in your digital world under control, let our experienced team do it for you.


Our Article Archive, Would you like to know more about computers?

Articles by Richard Churchill

We want you to get to know your computer better, get to know it, understand it and hopefully get more out of it. So how do you get to know your computer better, if I were a relationship councillor I would recommend flowers and a box of chocs, as I’m not I’m writing a series of articles that will eventually cover most areas of computing (until they invent some more).

Please read and enjoy the articles, I will be adding an article a month so remember to check back each month for the new edition.